Floating Pneumatic Rubber Fenders

Type I (Net Type)


The fender body is covered by a chain net, wire net or fiber net. Chain nets are able to withstand corrosion longer and are usually built with used tyres and rubber sleeves to provide additional protection. Fiber nets use only rubber sleeves. Wire nets are light and more easily repaired.


Type II (Sling Type)



Sling-type fenders have an attachment eye on each end for lifting and installation. Handling of sling-type fenders is easy due to their lightweight.


Fender Sizes


Floating type fenders are available in many sizes expressed in terms of diameter by length. Customised sizes for special projects are also available upon request.


Basic Construction of Fender Body


The basic body of a floating Yokohama Pneumatic Rubber Fender consists of an outer rubber, cord layers and an inner rubber.