Pneumatic Rubber Fenders

Yokohama Pneumatic Rubber Fenders have been widely used for berthing structures as well as in ship-to-ship services since 1958. Due to its superior performance, major industries such as oil, mineral ore, offshore construction and drilling, fishing and shipbuilding, as well as port authorities and navies all over the world adopt and support it.


Yokohama Pneumatic Rubber Fenders were developed utilizing the company´s 80 years of research and development technology and expertise in related areas ranging from automobile tyres to aircraft fuel cells.


Conventional rubber fenders rely solely on the elasticity of rubber for job performance but Yokohama Pneumatic Rubber Fenders do more than that. They utilize the elasticity of air as the primary cushioning agent, giving superior performance and greater versatility to the fenders.



  • High energy absorption and low reaction force and surface pressure
  • No decline in the rate of energy absorption when obliquely compressed, under normal circumstances, and uniform surface pressure for any contact area.
  • Low reaction force to prevent damage from repeated impacts against the hull of ship, quay, jetty or mooring rope.
  • Ability to float and thus rise and fall with the ebb and flow of tides and the movements of a ship.
  • High standard of uniform quality in compression performance with no deterioration of the rubber.
  • Easy installation.